The color of fragrance oil is different from the one in the product images.
Natural essential oils can be slightly different in colors depending on the harvest season and location. The product can still be used safely.

Can babies use body oil products?
We wouldn't recommend applying body oil products on infants younger than 6 months old as there are natural ingredients in our essential oil products. A similar manner to not feeding them peach or cucumbers, which may cause irritation.

Is it safe to use essential oils on skin?

Although fully natural, the topical use of our 100% essential oil blends may cause skin irritation as these are concentrated oils. For topical use, we have body oil products that give the aromatherapy effects and help your skin stay moisturized as well.

There is something floating in the liquid
Because we use natural fragrance material in our products, the essential oil may form small clusters when rested still for a long time. This is perfectly normal and you can safely use the product.

The fragrance disperses too fast/too much
Diffusion of our products may come across as quite strong as we don't put any chemical fixatives that slow down the diffusion. Use one reed stick to reduce down the scent. Use both for a stronger scent experience.

Are the reed diffusers safe to use around pets?
You must take extra care when using essential oil based fragrance products around your dog(s)/cat(s). It is best to use the products in a separate room, away from pets. All of our current products contain at least one essential oil ingredient that is said to be irritable for dogs/cats. We are currently researching and developing reed diffuser products that are also safe for your fur babies. Sign up for our newsletter and stay updated.